About Us

Senitype(r) is a collectible card with a limited edition image from a movie or other entertainment entity which contains an actual 35mm film frame embedded in the card.

ENTER THE DRAGON was the first Senitype(r) produced exclusively for Warner Bros. in 1996.

The creation of Senitype(r) begins with the careful selection of a single frame of film that is digitally scanned and expertly reproduced onto paper using intricate state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques. The film footage is an actual 35-millimeter/70 millimeter or other size(s) film frame reproduced from the original motion picture negative by master film technicians.

Senitype(r) the original (Hollywood’s Official Film Frame) is a registered, trademarked, numbered, limited edition collectible card from a variety of entertainment sources, including Movies, Sporting Events, Television Shows, Rock Concerts, Video Games and Red Carpet Events. Each numbered piece contains an actual 35mm /70 mm or other size(s) film frame and gives the consumer the ability to actually own a piece of Hollywood. They are utilized as a premium collectible for promotions and available as a direct to retail collection.

Senitype(r) features some of the Entertainment Industry’s most recognizable imagery. Partners include: 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, Paramount, Summit Entertainment, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., WWE, Sony, Universal Studios and many others.